My soul in stillness waits…

The next few days will fly, so I’m sitting quietly now looking at our Christmas tree… It reminds me of the simple things often overlooked or seemingly not appreciated. After a great deal of soul searching, my son seems to know what he wants to do and just completed his first semester at it withContinue reading “My soul in stillness waits…”

You just never know.

As you may have gathered from my Facebook post this morning, I had a rather unsettlingly early meeting which necessitated an even more unsettlingly early awakening and departure. As observed then, it was startling how dark it seemed at that “god-forsaken” hour and my mood could easily have followed. However, my “misfortune” soon turned toContinue reading “You just never know.”

And Still the Poppies Grow…

My address to The Doverwood Village Retirement Community On the Occasion of Veterans’ Day Ladies and gentlemen — Dear Friends — Fellow Americans… Welcome to today’s gathering and thank you — My name is Brian Griffin and I’m honored and humbled to be here today — to be a small part in this celebration — thisContinue reading “And Still the Poppies Grow…”

International Day of the Girl Child

​Today is the “International Day of the Girl Child.” Approximately 49.6 percent of the world’s population is female; around 3.52 billion. As the father of a young woman, I try diligently to teach her how not to be a victim.  She is strong, smart and focused, but I still worry, like so many dad’s ofContinue reading “International Day of the Girl Child”

Sociopaths Are Not Terrorists Till We Declare them Thus

OK, correct me if I am wrong… Hear me out. So, let’s assume for the sake of this post, that I am a sad, deranged and angry person with likely real sociopathic mental health challenges. In the rising pitch of the noise in my own head, I decide to commit suicide by cop and takeContinue reading “Sociopaths Are Not Terrorists Till We Declare them Thus”

Rest Well Harambe. We’re all very sorry…

Yesterday, I reacted passionately, without appropriate background and took an emotional position in social media on the unfortunate death of Harambe, the Silverback that was dispatched by the Cincinnati Zoo to safeguard the life of the four year old child who fell into the animal’s enclosure.  I am sickened by what occurred, but I did notContinue reading “Rest Well Harambe. We’re all very sorry…”