Always Darkest Before The Dawn!

The first person to use this proverb was Thomas Fuller, an English theologian, in the year 1650 and the idea behind this is related to the literal meaning of dawn. Dawn begins when the first light begins to show over the horizon from the sunrise. Therefore, there is the least light before dawn begins, because there while there isContinue reading “Always Darkest Before The Dawn!”

Fly The Friendly Skies…

So, I’m driving home just now, listening to George Winston’s Autumn album and thinking about Friday and my weekend… Then I noticed this sky… and suddenly, I am transported back to my “Frequent Flyer,” “Road Warrior” days and those uncountable Friday afternoon/evenings… The days when I was likely riding one of these contrails. You wouldContinue reading “Fly The Friendly Skies…”

Your Logo Is Not Your Brand – Your Story Is

Chances are, sometime recently you’ve heard someone tell a good story; a friend, a family member, someone at work or on TV. Chances are you’ve also heard someone spout a mouthful facts and statistics about one thing or another while relating a situation or circumstance. Which of these do you recall? More importantly, which oneContinue reading “Your Logo Is Not Your Brand – Your Story Is”