A Christmas Vision in Three-quarter Time

When I woke up this morningThis bright Christmas day.As God is my witness, it happened this way.Right there by my bedside, who’s sitting right there?It was Jesus, our Savior, in my old comfy chair.Quite startled, I yelled “Jesus!”What brings you around?It’s your birthday you know,What brings you to townWe’ve not much to offer or thingsContinue reading “A Christmas Vision in Three-quarter Time”

I Want To Be A Tree (For the beautiful Ms. Angela)

I want to be a tree… And raise my head and hands to the azure blue To feel the wind blow in my leaves and dig my toes deep into the rich black earth.   I want to be a tree… A home for birds and squirrels And welcome the pileated to tap-tap the rhythmContinue reading “I Want To Be A Tree (For the beautiful Ms. Angela)”