A Christmas Vision in Three-quarter Time

When I woke up this morning

This bright Christmas day.

As God is my witness, it happened this way.

Right there by my bedside, who's sitting right there?

It was Jesus, our Savior, in my old comfy chair.

Quite startled, I yelled "Jesus!"

What brings you around?

It's your birthday you know,

What brings you to town

We've not much to offer or things to propose.

See it's Christmas and most everything will be closed.

He smiled and he spoke in a voice just like rain

But I knew every word that he spoke just the same

"Some things you've been saying have made me aware

That lately you're feeling your life just ain't fair."

Well, I said to Him, Lord

Sometimes I get down...

When I was quite young, I acted a clown.

As I grew up I began to think that I knew,

Just what was important and what I should do.

So, I found me a wife and she bore me a son

Then a couple years later, it was more than just one.

A beautiful girl she gave me one spring.

So, I looked up at you and said "Yep, this is the thing."

But the years flew on by and I watched my kids grow.

And it doesn't take long till they leave ya, ya know.

And now here this Christmas

My son's moved away

My daughter's at school,

Only home a few days.

My wife has been mother more years than my wife

It's hardest on her cause those kids are her life.

And I ain't the young man that at one time she knew

But now, after years of all four we're just two.

Suddenly I'm lost. Don't know where to turn.

I guess I still have some lessons to learn.

So, last night as I took my place here in bed,

I started in wonderin' if I was better off dead.

We'll, he'd been sitting there watching me whine for awhile

And with each little bit he'd just sigh and then smile

So finally I said, hey you're God, so they say!

Can't you simply just tell me, or show me the way.

Once more, with a voice like a downpour of rain

He said son, it ain't simple, but it's really quite plain.

All these changes have scared you, right down to your core

So it's time to remember just what it's all for.

See I came to that manger so long, long ago

So worries like these ones could all be let go

I came as a baby and grew turned and tossed

So I'd know what it's like, just like you, to be lost.

But remember that you are a loved child of mine.

I gave up my life so you would be fine

They whipped me, the beat me, nailed me to a tree.

And as a man, I died there so you would be free.

So give you the answers, so your troubles are few?

Not like me, but son, you already know what to do.

Just remember to take every day as you can,

Cause life is what happens when you're off making plans.

The kids that you raised remember their home.

They'll make one just like it for one of their own.

And your children's children will be there when you come to play,

But you won’t have to take'em with you when you go away.

And that woman who watched as you've changed and you've grown,

She still sees the man you've become as her own.

So give her some credit where credit is due

She's still crazy 'bout you as you are her too.

So different? Yeah, different. But different's okay.

Each morning of life was just one more day.

So keep going on. Take 'em one at a time.

Remember whose kid you are, and you'll be just fine.

Then suddenly I awoke from having thought that I'd been,

Only to find Christmas morning started over again.

The chair by my bed was empty. No form,

But when I reached out and touched it, I found it was warm.

So, maybe a dream, or maybe not quite.

But I know in that instant everything'd be alright.

And now I take every day as best that I can,

Since I spent Christmas morning with the great "I am."

Brian D. Griffin

Published by Bosco O'Brian

What I say here may or may not be important...you decide. Read my thoughts and know me. If you like what you see, reach out. If not, move on.

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