The Song of Liberty

In verdant fields white crosses stand in rows of radiant glory.

Row on row they stretch before us; each on guard for thee.

Each one speaks to me its whispered tale; a timeless story.

Each the story of one who gave it all for liberty.

Sing, sing with me the song; it’s the song of the souls that have been lost to save us.

This is the land that we love.   Now raise your voice and sing with me.

So now everyone raise, yes raise your banners high;

The flag that’s stood with us throughout the ages.

This song of the land we love – the home of liberty.

This the song of the land we love – the home of liberty.

Bosco O’Brien (aka B.D. Griffin)
July 27, 2015

For the music of John Edelmann – “A Patriotic Chorale”

Published by Bosco O'Brian

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