When he is gone…

When he is gone, speak his name no more.

Let the very thought of him fall to the cutting floor.

Do not thrust your camera in his face.

Let heaven and earth together forget his place.

Do not seek him out to ask him who and when and what and why…

Do not give him one more chance to weave his twisted lies.

Do not keep him in your light and show him places making fame.

His new reward for treachery, treason and lies, his favorite game.

Do not.

Silently. Secretly. Stealthily…write his name upon your tablet there.

Then, with your hand, rip it from its place with one swift tear.

Hold it to a candle’s flame and let it catch the light and breathe the new fresh air.

Until its ashes lay upon your table bare.

Then swiftly sweep them into your cupped hand.

And brush them into history’s garbage can.

Pullout and throw away the second page,

So not even the impression of his name may find a stage.

Leave nothing of his memory behind.

Removed from mine and yours and every mind.

Let time enfold his silent villainy,

And make his name a distant memory.

And let him be no more to you or me.

Let not treason, trickery and deceit find its way,

Into the pages that we keep today.

Just let his memory fade until it finally sleep.


Published by Bosco O'Brian

What I say here may or may not be important...you decide. Read my thoughts and know me. If you like what you see, reach out. If not, move on.

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