Beyond the Veil

We’re on the wrong side of the veil.

Here with the rocks and stones,

Where our carcass lies

And slowly turns to dirt again.

While on the other side, the light and wind of God blows by

And in a sun-like shaft of light The Spirit frees and soars.


To slip beyond that veil,

And see the Spirit flight.

Where breath, now ceased,

Becomes the solar wind.

And boundless body freed,

My soul, the light of every glistening star.


I see beyond the veil…

To where unleashed my spirit’s home.

I feel His outstretched arms,

He knows me as He knew me when…

Within my mother’s wound.

And, like then, He calls me by my name.


Brian D. Griffin

Published by Bosco O'Brian

What I say here may or may not be decide. Read my thoughts and know me. If you like what you see, reach out. If not, move on.

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