You just never know.

moon-on-snowAs you may have gathered from my Facebook post this morning, I had a rather unsettlingly early meeting which necessitated an even more unsettlingly early awakening and departure. As observed then, it was startling how dark it seemed at that “god-forsaken” hour and my mood could easily have followed.

However, my “misfortune” soon turned to opportunity as I was witness to one of the most amazingly beautiful winter spectacles I perhaps have ever seen. The uncharacteristically large, full, silvery moon reflecting off the snow-covered landscape and the crystal trees, bushes and various silhouetted objects outlined against the shining rays of “moon-shine” was nothing short of Amazing!

As I drove along through the silver moon-lit landscape all around me, I was somewhat humbled by the circumstances of my prior disposition and how out of sync that now was compared to the resplendent view that was so completely overwhelming. I had indeed lead with negativity into what was actually the unknown due to the inconvenience of awaking at that hour.

And yet it was becasue it was that very hour, whereas an hour later would have precluded the opportunity and I’d not only have missed this scene of wonder, but worse, I’d have not even known I had missed it. My very soul would not have received the gift God was offering me and I would have gone about my day completely oblivious to His splendor and wonder.

In short, you just never know…

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What I say here may or may not be decide. Read my thoughts and know me. If you like what you see, reach out. If not, move on.

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