“Every man’s death diminishes me.”

The use of chemical weapons on a trapped and vulnerable civilian population is beyond atrocity and most certainly a crime against humanity, but consider this… While the Health Department in Idlib Province where the recent Serin gas attacks took place reports 69 people died in this attack, the Syrian Network For Human Rights (SNHR) reportsContinue reading ““Every man’s death diminishes me.””

Gaudeamus igitur, Juvenes dum sumus

There is only a thin veil separating joy and pain… And as I have become older, I have found that the separation is more and more easily overwhelmed as I am as well at that moment. I find that I am quite often now overrun with a melancholy rush of joy and sadness that comeContinue reading “Gaudeamus igitur, Juvenes dum sumus”

My soul in stillness waits…

The next few days will fly, so I’m sitting quietly now looking at our Christmas tree… It reminds me of the simple things often overlooked or seemingly not appreciated. After a great deal of soul searching, my son seems to know what he wants to do and just completed his first semester at it withContinue reading “My soul in stillness waits…”

You just never know.

As you may have gathered from my Facebook post this morning, I had a rather unsettlingly early meeting which necessitated an even more unsettlingly early awakening and departure. As observed then, it was startling how dark it seemed at that “god-forsaken” hour and my mood could easily have followed. However, my “misfortune” soon turned toContinue reading “You just never know.”

“Accepting” or “Open?” Which?

There is a great deal of weight given these days to “being open.” To be accepting of things because it speaks well of me to others.  However, what does it matter what others think if all you accomplish is grey-scaling the full color brilliance of all the real world around you? It would seem toContinue reading ““Accepting” or “Open?” Which?”