No More Labels

There are three groups (at least) that really should be identified when considering the whole misogyny, predatory, superior male behavior confluence… There are those who have rarely, if ever, behaved inappropriately. Perhaps rare, but nonetheless, they exist and we dare not mistakenly lump them into the broader pool of our collective anger.

The second group are those raised in a transitional period when earlier on, such behavior was entrenched if not abnormally the norm, and we behaved inappropriately at some point but have since grown and learned to regret such behavior and moved (mostly) beyond it to a more enlightened place — perhaps still making mistakes, but no longer willfully preditory, believing ourselves superior or naturally entitled. I hope and believe this is the new majority, and the group in which I, not so proudly, place myself.

Then — and this is the most essential point — there are those who are still willfully, purposefully, intentionally, belligerently believing they are entitled, superior, behaving predatorily and self-righteously practice such unacceptable behavior. These I hope, and believe, are not only the minority, but like the mastodon, inevitably headed for the tarpits of history. But make no mistake, they are not gone…and their influence is insidious and more recently been given new life and a broader voice due to a resurgence of those who are struggling mightily, as any beast facing extinction would, to justify their existence.

It is this third group that we must all call out together… which means we need — no must get past our tragically flawed history and cease fighting, hating and further dividing ourselves over those who are a member of the second group. Another 10 millennium of willful and pervasive subjugation of one group, whatever label they may wear, will not answer for or ameliorate anyone for the past 10 millennium of wrongful behavior by another group. 

No more labels. No more. Get beyond labels… We all have our fears, prejudices and irrational hatreds. Let’s keep each other in line by our broader example and help each of us get past them… together. No more labels.

Published by Bosco O'Brian

What I say here may or may not be decide. Read my thoughts and know me. If you like what you see, reach out. If not, move on.

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