Another “Hero” Falls?

Does anyone else feel really let down by all the revelations about our old hero, Bill Cosby?  Wow; seems surreal… But actually, it reinforces a point that I have often preached, but apparently not heeded.  Heros aren’t those people… They aren’t!  End of Story! So you may ask, “What do you mean ‘those people?’”  Well,Continue reading “Another “Hero” Falls?”

Pray for our “House Divided”

Abraham Lincoln’s House Divided Speech, arguably one of his three most memorable and often quoted speeches, was given on June 16, 1858 at the then Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, upon accepting the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination as that state’s United States senator.  It was the launching point for his unsuccessful campaign for the Senate seat held by Stephen A. Douglas. Because ofContinue reading “Pray for our “House Divided””

Love wins…today…

I’ve seen it said today that while the decision of the Supreme Court is all well and good, there will be blowback and future fights…. Well, there always are.  In 1st Corinthians 15:32 we are reminded of this:  “If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts, what advantage it me, if theContinue reading “Love wins…today…”

I knew him… he was a boy…

Recently, I was at a Cincinnati Reds game on a Friday evening.  It was a very nice night for a game and we had those special tickets that come with the food and beverage and that special inside area.  You know, the ones where you may not see too much of the game, but you will eat andContinue reading “I knew him… he was a boy…”

“We Believe in One God…” Really?

RANT WARNING:  I’m beginning to believe I’ve lived some sort of sheltered existence… In these past few months I have learned more about the multitude of ways that we Christian can quibble with one another than I have in the entire rest of my life leading up to this time.  Perhaps because I’ve spent most ofContinue reading ““We Believe in One God…” Really?”