They Served…

Mama and Papa's Wedding photoHere is one of the first pictures taken of my mother and father as a couple along with one of the last… They both served. In fact they met while serving and the result was 14 children (6 of which also served — one of whom never returned) and a forty-seven year marriage. Jack & Eve - older Smaller for webThey were not perfect… They loved, laughed, fought (together and with each other) and did their very best. It was a marriage born under fire and all too often took fire thereafter. Each of my siblings and I remember them in a slightly different light. Mine is one of service, dedication, struggle, perseverance and great mentoring. Some of the lessons were from victories; many from setbacks. But through it all, the most impactful part of it to me is that they met and lived a life together because they served. God bless them and all who served and are serving.

Published by Bosco O'Brian

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