The Times They Are A Changing

As my son gets ready to begin his university experience at The Harvard on the Hocking, Ohio University in a couple of weeks and I get prepared to write the big, fat check, I worry for the people his age and ultimately our nation. I watched as the school system here systematically removed music, art, language and other critical thinking skills course offerings all along his K-12 path, and now I look at the debt he and his age group will rack up as a result of our failures to deal with such an absolutely essential issue as this. The money we began setting aside when Ben was born was illustrated at the time to be adequate to put him through Notre Dame when it came time for him to go. Now, due to the skyrocketing cost of education and the failure of our financial systems over this past decade, we are able to cover about half of the cost of a state school. Yes Mr. Dillon, the times they are a ‘ changing. But which direction and what are we going to do about it as a nation?

Pocket Watch

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