And Still the Poppies Grow…

My address to The Doverwood Village Retirement Community On the Occasion of Veterans’ Day Ladies and gentlemen — Dear Friends — Fellow Americans… Welcome to today’s gathering and thank you — My name is Brian Griffin and I’m honored and humbled to be here today — to be a small part in this celebration — thisContinue reading “And Still the Poppies Grow…”

To Reconcile or Not to Reconcile…

To all my friends who are frustrated and angry with the outcome of the presidential election, I offer this… Please consider the term reconcile. We typically overlook that there are two very different dispositions to that word. One is to become reconciled “with” a thing and the second is to become reconciled “to” a thing.Continue reading “To Reconcile or Not to Reconcile…”

Diminishing Returns

“Diminishing Returns – noun (1) any rate of profit, production, benefits, etc., that beyond a certain point fails to increase proportionately with added investment, effort, or skill.” I would argue that this law readily applies outside its economic origin and is presently applicable to our political discourse. If the current political discussion were governed byContinue reading “Diminishing Returns”

Sociopaths Are Not Terrorists Till We Declare them Thus

OK, correct me if I am wrong… Hear me out. So, let’s assume for the sake of this post, that I am a sad, deranged and angry person with likely real sociopathic mental health challenges. In the rising pitch of the noise in my own head, I decide to commit suicide by cop and takeContinue reading “Sociopaths Are Not Terrorists Till We Declare them Thus”

Rest Well Harambe. We’re all very sorry…

Yesterday, I reacted passionately, without appropriate background and took an emotional position in social media on the unfortunate death of Harambe, the Silverback that was dispatched by the Cincinnati Zoo to safeguard the life of the four year old child who fell into the animal’s enclosure.  I am sickened by what occurred, but I did notContinue reading “Rest Well Harambe. We’re all very sorry…”

For God’s Sake…No, For Our Sake, Lead!

Most of us are just trying to find our fair share of the American dream, but it seems to be getting harder and harder.  Too many of us live paycheck to paycheck and never have a chance to truly rise up and dream… Twice in the last century, our country has been bloodied but unbowedContinue reading “For God’s Sake…No, For Our Sake, Lead!”

Pluralism — ‘plo͝orəˌlizəm/…

As we Christians approach The solemnities of The Nativity of the Lord and Epiphany, we have to remember what we fundamentally believe and why…  Pluralism and the freedom to worship as one sees fit; these, above all else were the fundamental principles of the founding Fathers and America;  the single most essential concepts that drove Continue reading “Pluralism — ‘plo͝orəˌlizəm/…”

Make it complete, total hell…

Anyone that knows me knows that I am no War-hawk…However, if there is going to be a military response to all of this…If it is to be unavoidable… if there’s going to be lives spent to end this brand of terror… then it should be immense, overwhelming, rapid, relentless, brutal and complete.  The nature andContinue reading “Make it complete, total hell…”

I Do Not Speak For Christ

Until very recently, I would declare with little or no thought that I am Christian; even more precisely, Roman Catholic.  However, as Christians have become more and more political, we have done so with the exceptional attitude that we, each man-made flavor of Christianity, have God uniquely on our side. And this is not theContinue reading “I Do Not Speak For Christ”