And then my heart left me and went out into the world on its own…

I have heard it said that raising a child is like making a conscious choice to voluntarily take your heart from out of your chest and allow it to run carelessly and willy-nilly throughout the cosmos with reckless abandon.  It is the visceral equivalent of giving consciousness to a part of yourself that is henceforth goingContinue reading “And then my heart left me and went out into the world on its own…”

STEM is a stick; STEAM is a source of energy!

So our ability to educate and fully round out our youth has been reduced to a convenient acronym that is another work for a stick… Sad indeed but a growing and pervasive challenge being faced all across the country. We are blessed here in the Lakota School Districts that the water level has not risenContinue reading “STEM is a stick; STEAM is a source of energy!”

My Very Own “Bridge At San Luis Rey”

Every now and then I find myself caught up in and  perhaps thinking too long about shortcuts I have taken and mistakes I have made. It is easy when in one of those periodic down-cycles to reflect on what one has done and where one has been.  But, be careful; if you linger in thereContinue reading “My Very Own “Bridge At San Luis Rey””

I made this hot mess…

I’ve been watching with an almost out-of-body-like perspective lately as my families goes through another of so many changes.  My son is seventeen now and my daughter nearly fourteen.  We raised them to have their own hearts, mind and voices… and I am here to tell you, that is not always easy, comfortable or prettyContinue reading “I made this hot mess…”