“Lord have mercy on us.”

In her severely abbreviated life Bella loved cats, dancing to country music and the color green.  That’s what we know about what she loved; just three scraps of joy in a life marked by neglect and abuse at the hands of horrible morons… And then, an even more horrifying end. Look at this face andContinue reading ““Lord have mercy on us.””

Love wins…today…

I’ve seen it said today that while the decision of the Supreme Court is all well and good, there will be blowback and future fights…. Well, there always are.  In 1st Corinthians 15:32 we are reminded of this:  “If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts, what advantage it me, if theContinue reading “Love wins…today…”

I knew him… he was a boy…

Recently, I was at a Cincinnati Reds game on a Friday evening.  It was a very nice night for a game and we had those special tickets that come with the food and beverage and that special inside area.  You know, the ones where you may not see too much of the game, but you will eat andContinue reading “I knew him… he was a boy…”

I believe in love…

So today is a day dedicated to love which comes in so many flavors. There’s the “leaping flames” love of youth and the “quiet white embers” love of the ages.  There’s the silly precocious love of your teens; the intensely magnetic love of your twenties; the practical and steady love of your thirties; and theContinue reading “I believe in love…”

Forgive; don’t forget

Almost bedtime on the eve of the last day of the year. Yes, in a little less than a day, we’ll begin another year… 2014 showed me that life is so much more than something that just happens to us. So, I want to start 2015 clean and clear. The Buddha once said, “Holding onContinue reading “Forgive; don’t forget”