True Courage

Was just watching an episode of “Call the Midwife.” On this particular episode, one of my very favorite characters decided to change her life and embark on a new life journey. As she is leaving, the narrator says “There is a greater gift than the trust of others. And that is the trust in oneself. Some might call it confidence, others name it faith, but if it makes us brave, the label doesn’t matter, for it’s the thing that frees us to embrace life itself.” With all the terrible hullabaloo raging around our politics and the profoundly sad state of faith in so many things we’ve all held as true for so long, it is steadying to realize how real courage begins when we believe in ourselves. Goodnight and keep the faith.

Published by Bosco O'Brian

What I say here may or may not be decide. Read my thoughts and know me. If you like what you see, reach out. If not, move on.

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