Before The Fall

So, I’ve started this HCG diet thing… this weekend was Phase I where I dosed with the HCG and then ate as much stuff as I could.  Well, it was a pretty busy weekend, so I really didn’t do all that much gratuitous eating.  Saturday was a complete blur with only a few probably poor choices along the way…

I did manage to have a big plate of Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Hash-browns, Biscuits and Gravy yesterday morning and then I had a big BLT with Avocado for dinner.  Managed to eat a few cinnamon rolls along the way, so I guess I did indulge a bit yesterday.

But, now the real party begins.  Phase II – Daily dosing with 20 ml of HCG and no more than 500 calories of intake.  Bad enough that it is 500 calories, but it is pretty limited how you go about getting them.  Have to be pretty true to the choices of proteins and greens, but I’ll get by. Phase II will only last till the middle of November and then I go onto the more Atkins-like portion of the diet…

Anyway, I guess my life-long romance with freshly baked, sweet and cinnamony carbs is just about run its course.  If I can get any traction from this diet, I guess I should consider whether or not to just keep looking forward at what it might take to stay a little longer on this world.  I really would like to hold a grand baby somewhere along the way.  Heck, at least get to see one of my grandchildren drive their parents nuts like their parents are doing me.  After all, there must be some justice…

Anyway, I will try to check in from time to time and put down a few thoughts as I head through this thing.  Should be a right sporting little adventure.  Wish me luck.

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