Insha’Allah – If it is His Will

inshallah_nastaliq31As a person of faith, a Christian and a Catholic, I profess to trust in He who watches over all of us… And yet, it is easy to forget and get caught up in so much that is beyond my purview.

One of the things I admire most about our Muslim brothers and sisters, and a valuable lesson we can learn from them is their understanding that even the most common of things we may hope to do or have happen to us are quite frankly beyond us.

There is a term that is used — insha’Allah.  What this means is a thing will happen only if it is the will of the divine.  In the seemingly trivial pursuit of our daily routines, it is easy to think we are squarely in control over the events of our days. But the reality is we can never know what the future holds.  All our plans, ambitions, goals, indeed everything we do is subject to His will.

So, imagine, when tectonic shifts take place such as those currently playing out across our country, this phrase, insha’Allah, is a personal recognition of who we are and that what we hope, intend and even plan for is really all subject to divine will. It is a chance for us to lay down our burdens, our anger and our vanity — concede to the presence and the will of the divine — and be at peace.

I know this will not speak to and comfort everyone, but to those of you who count on your faith to give you strength in hard times, remember that it is at all times that we must remember — it is His will, not ours.

Published by Bosco O'Brian

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