Sociopaths Are Not Terrorists Till We Declare them Thus


OK, correct me if I am wrong… Hear me out. So, let’s assume for the sake of this post, that I am a sad, deranged and angry person with likely real sociopathic mental health challenges. In the rising pitch of the noise in my own head, I decide to commit suicide by cop and take a whole bunch of folks with me. In this, the final act of my desperate and tragically flawed life, I pledge allegiance to some distant cult about whom I likely know very little, and then go out in a great ball of fire taking many innocents with me.

OK… When we allow that association between deranged behavior and an assumed affinity to any cause or organization, we empower that act on a world stage and do more for that poor deranged individual than they could ever have accomplished to bring them self immortality — and we further enhance the power, attractiveness and reach of the organization to whom they claimed allegiance beyond anything they could have accomplished else ways.

In short, by attributing these senseless acts of insanity to terrorism and giving them such visibility, we are doing the work of the terrorist organization by empowering other deranged people with sociopathic tendencies to believe they can bring purpose to their lives by doing likewise. We cannot afford to allow mental health to become conflated with Terrorism… Treat the cause not the symptomology. Am I crazy or does this make sense to anyone else? Your thoughts?

Published by Bosco O'Brian

What I say here may or may not be decide. Read my thoughts and know me. If you like what you see, reach out. If not, move on.

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