Elizabeth Warren — The Democratic Party’s Ross Perot of 2016?

Elizabeth Warren

Love Elizabeth Warren or hate her…not the point. If Elizabeth Warren enters into the race to become the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party against Hilary Clinton, it will hand an otherwise relatively safe victory for the Democratic Party in 2016 squarely into the hands of the Republican Party. Given the ham-handed behavior of the Republican Party with regards, to Women, Blacks and Hispanics, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the only way the Democratic Party can loose in 2016 at this point is to divide against itself — and a Clinton/Warren battle would guarantee that the centrist/right elements of the Democratic party would square off against the further left-leaning factions of the party and The Democratic Party will loose. Mark my word. The only circumstances whereby is will be good for the Democratic Party to see both the Clinton and Warren names in the same headline will be as a ticket. Now there’s an idea…

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