Things that make you say “hummmm” to yourself

In the category of simple things that will amaze you; True story… We are in Toledo today for a marching band competition and we decided to go to lunch at the Applebee’s near the mall where the kids are having a well deserved afternoon break and waiting on the results from the morning preliminary competition. We have a fine lunch, and I decide that before we leave, I’m going to take advantage of the gentleman’s room. As I enter into the gentleman’s room there is a gentleman standing directly in front of the automated towel dispenser. In his left hand there are already a substantial number of paper towels; probably 10 or more. As I walk behind and past him, the towel dispenser is automatically putting out another towel. He dutifully reaches up and pulls the new towel from off the dispenser and of course the towel dispenser dutifully puts out another new towel. With a look of exasperation, he pulls that towel off of the dispenser as well and places it into his left hand along with all the others. Of course the automated towel dispenser then puts out another new towel. Now, with an even greater look of exasperation, he pulls the next towel off and says, with a great deal of frustration, “Stop!” It’s at times like this that I wonder how we as a species have survived let alone thrived. It was classic…

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